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The novel Silas Marner was written by Gorge Elliot in 1861. Eliot focused on parent child relationships. For e.g. The bond in-between Silas and Eppie was the main plot of the story. Silas Marner is about an old man who inherited a little girl and raised her up to become the women she in in modern day. The Novel Silas began with Silas as a god fearing man. Silas was then framed for robbery by his best friend William so he fled to lantern yard. He lived a dim and lonely life only living off the little gold he saved from weaving. Silas mostly horded the gold he earned as if it was the only precious thing that he had left to keep him comfort. Then Godfrey came into the story. Godfrey is a man who married an opium addict. Dunstan his brother blackmailed Godfrey because he kept his marriage a secret from their father. Dunstan took the little money Godfrey had and even his prized horse. Godfrey then is forced to give up his daughter at a young age and Silas takes her in. Silas then raised Eppie until Silas became old and she became the care taker for him. As they both retuned to Silas’s old home in a sad and depressed town and lived on. Silas Marner's life, prior to Eppie was really self-centered. He had went through so much drama in his former town of Lantern Yard that he chose to run and remain isolated, caring only for making money and to keep it away from everyone else. Isolation made Silas bitter and had him lose what he knew was reality: The reality that humans are meant to socialize, interact, and depend on each other. When all of Silas’ gold was stolen he broke down, he went into a spell that reminded him of his situation at Lantern Yard prior to moving to RAveloe. However, Silas finds the baby Eppie by the fire of his cottage, after she crawled away from his dead mother. Caring for Eppie, was to Silas a sign from heaven that, maybe if he cared for this

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