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Sikhism began in Punjab in the fifteenth century. The Indian society at that time was divided into two groups- the Hindus and the Muslims. The reformers of the Bhakti Movement did try to narrow the gulf between the two communities and do away with the defects that had crept up in the Hindu society. But still ignorance prevailed. So Guru Nanak felt the need to reform religion and thus he laid the foundation of the Sikh religion.Guru Nanak was born in A.D. 1469 in Talwandi, near Lahore. He was born in a Kshatriya family. His father was a merchant by profession. Nanak was a brilliant boy. He mastered many of the shastras while still he was young. From an early age he showed no interest in worldly affairs. He spent more time with sadhus and ascetics.Troubled by Nanak’s unworldly attitude, the first Sikh Guru his father tried to settle him in business, but all in vain. Nanak’s brother-in-law took him to Sultanpur and installed him in a government service as a storekeeper. He won a great reputation for his hard work and honesty. But he continued to brood in quest of true knowledge. Once he went to take a bath in the river nearby and remained there for three days in a state of meditation. After a few days, Nanak gave up his job and began preaching. At first people laughed and scorned at him. But gradually he was able to convince a few people. He travelled far and wide to places like Haridwar, Assam, Rameshwaram, Jagannath Puri, Mecca and Medina, etc.Nanak combined his preaching with devotional music. This made him popular among the masses. His appeal also lay in his attire which was a combination of the traditional Hindu and the Muslim dress. Guru Nanak now won a large number of followers who came to be known as Sikhs. The word ‘Sikhs’ means disciple. The followers of this religion consider themselves to be the disciples of Guru Nanak and the other 9 Gurus. (Guru Nanak was

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