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What roles have women played in religion? Choose one religion movements. Role of women in Religion(Sikhism) In history it has been noted that women have played an important role in religion. Women have had many crucial roles in religions. Females are the individuals that produce, nurture, and teach a child the basics of how to live in society, and how to avoid bad and good deeds. Women are intellectual people that keep ritual and religion alive. In early 1600s women were suffering from gender inequality. From the day a female is born, they’re treated as a slave and their job is to serve the human race. Even in ancient times females suffered in many regions and religions. She is thought as inferior and a man’s property to rule rather than respect. To stop all these wrongs and fake spiritual activities against women, humanity was introduced to Sikhism which is a new way of life. Sikh religious movements were very appealing to women as they protected individuals from getting invisible and neglected in society. As her views and opinions were never heard, she had no choice in making decisions. Because of her sufferings Sikhism made attempts to recognize and improve the role of women in today’s society. As religion affects the role of women in society and how they are treated and perceived. In Sikhism women played a crucial role in religion and in changing the society in every sector of life, education, politics or religion leading. The continuous efforts of intelligent women leaders bring hopeful changes in coming generations Sikhism is the youngest religion on the earth (established 300 years ago) and in this religion women plays a strong role to build a healthy and peaceful society. Guru Nanak dev ji, the founder of Sikh religion, observed that condition of women is very critical and was treated as a slave in society . He tried to help raise the image

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