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Stones in his Pockets Analysis By: Matthew Gillen The comedy play by Marie Jones is an award winning Irish play, (that considering only two actors play around fifteen characters), plays well to its strengths. Its main strength I found was that it captured the essence of Ireland. My great grandfather was born in Belfast and I have always loved Irish culture and am very proud of my heritage, so taking a liking to the play might be a tad bit biased on my part. However, the music played throughout the play was spot on and really gave me a picture-perfect view into the world they created. The accents were done fairly well in my opinion and really brought me into the story. I felt I was able to use my imagination effectively and picture the atmosphere of a small Irish town being “invaded” by Hollywood in order to make a motion picture. The set was very simple yet effective, the long mural that depicted the view of the Blanket Islands was beautifully done and the long row of shoes along the back drop gave us the hint that the actors had “many” shoes to fill. The only other set piece that the actors used was a steamer trunk which housed their costumes and served a multi-functional role as well, like a bar counter, a bench or a podium as needed. The actors portrayed many different characters, around thirteen or fifteen but the focus was mainly on eight. Charlie Conlon, Caroline Giovanni, Simon, and Clem were played quite well by Zach Counsil and Jake Quinn, Sean, Mickey and Aisling were played brilliantly by Richard Gelinas, who was the stronger of the two in my opinion. It was hard to make out who was playing who in the beginning but after about fifteen minutes all became more than clear. What made everything come to fruition was not only the different accents, but most importantly were the movements and body transformations. If the two actors only focused on accents

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