Significant Words Essay

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Reprisal Resigned to resilience resonance Resounding success respite Resplinded restless leg syndrome restraint resumption Resurfaced resuscitated, career Reticent Retinue Retort, to reply in kind in witty manner Retribution Reverberation Reversed fortunes Reviled Revive Reweave Rhetoric Rhetoric: art of persuasive and impressive expression – written or spoken Rhetorician Rhythmic dance Riddle: puzzle, pierce with many holes Ride it out Rigorous Riposte Rite Riveted; sat r. Roadster Robotic surgery Rolled-up sleeves Rosy Rotunda Routinely Royal brat Rueful Ruffled feathers Rumor monger Rumors…abound Rupture Rushes, dried Russet Rustle Saber-rattling Sacksful Sacralization Saddle-bag Saddler and saddler Sadhus Saffron skin Sagacious Salient attribute Salvation San qua non Sanction Sanctity Sanctuary Sanctum Sara borrowed Hagar’s womb Satire Satirize Satisfied his lust Satrap: governor of a province under king, a prince,despot Savagery Savannah Savor: relish Savory Scandal Scarcely Scion Scoff Scorched-earth Scorn Scourge Scourge Screeching halt Scribe Scrolls Scrupulous Scrutiny (public) Scurrying Sea-green Seal their doom Seasonality Seatmate Secede Seductive whisper Seemingly innocent activity Seer Seething Self -centered Self-aggrandizement Self-deprecating Semblance Sensitivity Sensual Sequestered Serene Serf: attached to land Serpentine necks Serrate: like saw Servile Servitude Severity Shackles Shake-up Shallowness Shame at being human Sharp/blunt end Sheer terror Shells falling Shimmering Shriek Shrill Shrinking revenue Shudder Shun/desire Sigh Sightless Significant magnitude Silence imploded in the room swallowing every sound” Simpleton Sine qua non Sinister Sire Skid Skillfully Skin and bone chest Skirmish

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