Significance Of The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

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Michael Vazquez FA-2408 Professor . J Wingate Commemorating the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Tragedy that could of been prevented!!! The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911 still remains as one of the most vivid and horrific devastations that changed the American Labor Unions and laws. Five years prior to the catastrophe, famous author Upton Sinclair published his book The Jungle, which detailed the hardships of workers at meat packing plant's and even a year before, the women of Triangle Shirtwaist had led a city-wide strike of 20,000 garment workers to protest crowded, unsafe working conditions and low wages. But nothing was ever done about it until the tragic death of the…show more content…
We see the making of a few children books by female authors dedicated to the tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. In Holly Littefield's 1996 children's book Fire at the Triangle Factory, the event serves as the setting for the story. During the time after the fire, the "ILGWU" or also known as the Internation Ladies Garment Workers Union rose up and had a huge voice against the government for the fire. The labor movement assumed ownership of the memory of the fire by adopting the incident as symbol of the need for the unionization and political mobilization of workers. It was also the labor movement that committed itself to the annual commemoration of the fire, a ritual that continues to this day. For many labor activists, the fire was a transforming event that brought home to them the critical necessity of their work. David Dubinsky, later president of the ILGWU, attributed his life-long commitment to the labor movement to the fire, and Fannia Cohn, a prominent labor activist, wrote that “It was the Triangle fire that decided my life's course.” Elizabeth Hasanovitz who heard about the Triangle Fire while in Russia describes the moment of silence in her shop on March 25, 1914 as well as the union-sponsored memorial that evening as an important lesson in her political education. As historian Annelise Orleck summed up the impact of the fire on women labor activists, “The fire and the factory investigations that followed left an imprint on the women that recast their political priorities and cemented their relations with one

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