Significance Of Blue In The Great Gatsby

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Colors with The Great Gatsby Characters Jay Gatsby (Blue) I think the color Blue represents Gatsby. It’s a dark color, its mysterious and in someway it represents hope and sorrow. Gatsby is mysterious in some of his affairs, like the color, it does not reveal everything the color has to offer. Hope, hope is a theme often related to this color, and Gatsby is a hopeful person, he hopes his love with Daisy will flourish, he hopes he will have her back. Then, sorrow, sorrow and sadness surrounds Gatsby, he is not truly happy until he gets Daisy, and then loses her. Gatsby has all this great parties, where millions of people attend and in the end he is sad, he doesn’t dance, he doesn’t party, he just stands there, waiting for Daisy to come. Daisy Buchanan (Light Pink) Light Pink is the color of Daisy because it is a tender color, a girly color and something…show more content…
Nick in the story is kind of neutral with all of his fellows. He portrays himself as someone non judgmental and neutral, but throughout the story we see that Nick actually has some judgments about people. This is where grey comes in, he is not the perfect human being, but he does not mess with other people’s affairs. In the fight of the Plaza Nick didn’t actually say a word, he just lets events happen. He is sure not to mess with other people’s life but after Gatsby’s death we could see his shades when he meets Tom Buchanan Tom Buchanan (Black) Tom is a black character, dark and he hides many things. Black is the color of the night where hidden things happen; black is also the color of someone who is not well in the heart. Tom is both; he is a dark character, racist and a liar. Tom does not give everything to the open like the affair with Myrtle but still gets mad when Daisy has an affair with Gatsby; in the end Tom kills Gatsby. He is the one that told George everything; he is truly the darkest character in the
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