Signicant Moment Essay

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It was a cold day in January, and the first day we were to go back to school from Christmas vacation. I was five years old; I remember my Aunt Darla and Uncle Richard coming to our home early one morning around 6:30am. I remember how odd it was for them to be at our home that early. They wouldn’t exactly tell my sister or I why they were at our house so early, they repeatedly just kept telling us “You will know in a few hours.” They took my mother into her bedroom and closed the door behind them. In my mind I just kept thinking to myself how odd this morning was. Meanwhile while my aunt, uncle, and mother were all in the other room talking, my sister and I began to go about our daily morning routine before we had to go to school. Crying my mother came back into the living room and interrupted my sister and I while we were watching cartoons and eating cereal, “Go pack some nice looking ‘church clothes’ we are going to Wichita Falls to see the family.” My sister and I got in the car with my uncle Richard, they had a DVD player in their car and my sister and I always thought it was the best car, as my mother and Aunt Darla got inside our car. On the way, we watched my favorite movie at the time, The Lion King, and laughed and played games. After what seemed a life time, we finally made it to Wichita Falls. I remember feeling excited to see my family, but then quickly noticed that my Aunt Amie and Uncle Philips house had cars parked all up and down their driveway. I was very shy when I was little and as soon as I saw all of the cars that lined the street, I felt uneasy and nervous. My mother came around the car and started fixing and adjusting my clothes, and told me that my cousin Jay died and that my sister, Sarah and I needed to be on our best behavior. I felt confused. “What do you mean died” I asked, and my mother told me that he went to see Jesus in Heaven. Sarah

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