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Sigmund Frued and Erik Erikson Theorist Analysis and Comparison Essay

  • Submitted by: fsanpedro
  • on September 21, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Compare and Contrast Essay
  Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson are both psychoanalytic theorists who both have very similar theories and ideas as to how a child's mind develops in its young years, but also have different theories as to what these stages are. These two theorist's ideas are easy to compare and contrast given that they are so similar to one another.
  Sigmund Freud in his theory, believes that events and experiences in our young lives affect our later adult life and that we are born with a set path as we go through these stages at specific times in our lives. These stages go along with his theory of ID, Ego, and Superego. ID, according to Freud is something we are born with that allows a person, to please themselves through basic needs. This leads to one's Ego. One's ego allows us to realistically meet their needs and to fulfill their pleasures. Once the child develops their Ego, the child then develops their Superego which teaches and allows a child to meet their basic needs and pleasures within morality and reality. These three stages coincide with the five stages a person goes through in their life. These stages are Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency, and Genital. A child experiences their oral stage in infancy. In the oral stage, an infant constantly seeks pleasure through their mouths. For example, they need to be fed, they put new things they're learning about in their mouths, and breastfeeding is comforting for most in infancy.   As a toddler, one goes through their anal phase. For example, when a child goes through or begins potty training they find pleasure in the new discovery of the control they're gaining and learning about in their sphincter muscle. They find pleasure in taking initiative through potty training. Later on in preschool, a child enters their phallic stage. In one's phallic stage, they become aware of their genitals and/or gender. Because this is such a new discovery to them, they find pleasure in it. According to Freud, in...

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