A Sight for Sore Eyes

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Book Review A Sight For Sore Eyes by Ruth Rendell A Sight For Sore Eyes is written by Ruth Rendell who is a best-selling mystery and psychological crime novelist. She is often called “the queen of crime” and through the years she has won many kind of awards. Today Rendell has written over 40 novels, many short stories and quite a few novellas. Since the book is overflooded by different characters I have chosen to limit the number of characters in the review to the two that are of the most importance. Growing up Teddy Grex was totally neglected by his parents. By this his social skills got permanently damaged and he has very little, or nothing, in regard for other people. Except, of course, as in means to further his own interests. During his childhood Teddy was sorrounded by filth and other dirtiness. Because of this he develops a sense and taste of perfectionism so strong that he has no reason to oblige anything ugly. If the thing that’s ugly turns out to be a human-being doesn’t matter to him. Francine Hill was in the house while her mother was shot by a man at the door. She hid in a cupboard for several hours after the man had left, only coming out to discover her mother’s bloodied body lying on the floor. Francine is practically improsoned by her obsessive, over-protective stepmother Julia. Julia came in touch with the family when she served as Francine’s psychologist. Unfortunaetly Julia lost her job as a psychologist since a 10-year-old boy tried to kill himself after coming home from one of her sessions. She therefore decides to devote her life to Francine and she will be ready to do absolutely anything to keep Francine from any kind of harm. Teddy Grex emerges from isolated and loveless childhood as a handsome man, whom nevertheless is damaged by this. Francine Hill, the traumatized girl grows into a beautiful young woman who must withstand
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