Siddhartha Hero's Journey

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Siddhartha as a Hero's Journey Herman Hesse's book, Siddhartha lends itself perfectly to a hero's journey. His journey is long, painful, and dangerous, but Siddhartha comes out better because of it. The book was written by Hesse in 1922 and based on a character set in the 500 BCs. It is odd that the book applies to modern India just as it applied to the India of 2 millennium ago (when Siddhartha supposedly lived). This, coupled with a captivating story line makes this a fun book to read, as well as an interesting point of view into early Indian culture. Siddhartha searches for "why" we are on the Earth, and finally finds his answer after many long years. The book begins with Siddhartha as a young boy living with his Brahmin parents in a moderately wealthy city in India. His father is a rich and powerful Brahmin priest, and Siddhartha is expected to follow in his footsteps as a Brahmin. He learns the ways of his people quickly, and at a tender age, his is…show more content…
Govinda is his friend and follower who he sees many times intermittently through the book. His father finally agrees the let Siddhartha try his new belief system with hopes that his own life may benefit from the journey of his son. The Buddha, who Siddhartha meets later in the book, tries in vain to introduce a belief system into Siddhartha, and succeeds in convincing Govinda, but cannot convince Siddhartha at first. Kamala, another character in the latter stages of the book teaches Siddhartha a great many things, including the fact that even after his years as a Samana, he can love. Vasudeva is the ferryman who does little but listen to Siddhartha and provide him with food, shelter, and insight into his life through the river. Kamaswami is the rich trader who gets Siddhartha a job and teaches him of the stresses and joys that can be enjoyed by the rich. All of these people create the story and life of

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