Siddhartha Father And Son Relationship

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In the novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha and his father have a strained relationship primarily based on pride, honor, and respect. Siddhartha's father is a highly respected Brahman and wants Siddhartha to someday become a great Brahman like him, “...he saw him growing up to be a great learned man, a priest, a prince among Brahmans” (Hesse). But though Siddhartha learned his Brahman lessons well, he felt there was still something missing from his teachings, some further knowledge to gain that the Brahmans did not have. A Brahman is the highest Hindu priest cast and Siddhartha's father is a high Brahman, “...Worthy of admiration...” (Hesse). Siddhartha's father expected his son to follow in his footsteps and become a highly respected Brahman. Siddhartha was following, and he was intelligent, wise, and handsome. Everyone loved him and expected great things from him. His father and mother were very proud of him “...there was happiness in father's heart...pride in mothers breast...” (Hesse). But, Siddhartha feels like there's something missing in his blessed life and he wants to go out and search for further enlightenment, to attain Nirvana. Siddhartha feels like he should join the Samanas, holy men who seek enlightenment through austerity, but he needs his fathers approval, which he knows he will not easily attain. Still, Siddhartha goes to his father for his approval, but as Siddhartha expected, his father was angry and would not give it. Siddhartha says he would never disobey his father, but being just as stubborn as his father he decides to stand in the middle of the room until his father gives his blessing. This he did all night, without moving or speaking. His distressed father checked on Siddhartha every hour throughout the night, seeing Siddhartha's determination. Come morning, Siddhartha's father reasons that since his son was so
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