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Siddhartha Essay: In the novel Siddhartha, a man by the name Siddhartha embarks on a spiritual journey to find his inner self. Along the way, he meets many teachers that had helped guide him throughout his quest to find his inner self. The teachers taught him many values that had help Siddhartha find his inner self. Along the way Siddhartha meets one of his teachers, a beautiful courtesan by the name of Kamala at the City of Child People. Kamala is known as the queen of the Hindu art of Love. She teaches Siddhartha the ways of physical love. She also happens to be Siddhartha’s lovers. Kamala later reveals that Siddhartha is the father of her son. Another one of Siddhartha’s teachers who also happens to be his best friend, goes by the name Govinda. Along with Siddhartha, he joins the Samanas and goes on a quest to find his inner self. As a teacher to Siddhartha, Govinda offers support and companionship to support Siddhartha through his quest. Since they both go on the same quest, Siddhartha does the same for Govinda. They both give each other motivation to move forward. Next is Vasudeva. Vasudeva is known as the “Enlightened Ferryman”. He is one of the most important of Siddhartha’s teachers. He guides Siddhartha to the understanding of himself and the universe. He teaches Siddhartha to listen to the river. Without Vasudeva, Siddhartha would not have achieved the goal of his quest, enlightenment. Finally, Kamaswami. Kawaswami is the master of the art of business. As one of Siddhartha’s teachers, he teaches him the art of business. Through Kamaswami’s teachings, Siddhartha learned that business is only a game. He does not find the enlightenment he needs with money and material goods. It doesn’t bring me true happiness. Without the help of these teachers, Siddhartha would not have found his inner self. The teachers taught him the way to true happiness.

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