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Siddhartha Quiz pt.2 “Kamala” Siddhartha sees himself and the similarities in the stone thrown in the water and himself as a person. After listening to the ferryman’s words, he understands that like the stone and the ripples in the water he keeps changing, but one day he will soon return to the one life he was had left behind. The ferryman knew that he will one day return to the river. Siddhartha realizes that like the stone dropped or thrown into the river, he will change and expand and continue his quest to find his enlightenment in his life. The ripples in the water continued to stretch outward becoming larger and larger. Like the ripples, Siddhartha realizes he will and doing the same in his life, ever changing and growing into whom he wants to be. “Among the People” Kamaswami’s view of business is to motivate people by only giving a small portion from the transaction of the so-called profits of the day to the worker/merchant. He believes one should not be emotionally attached to yourself or ventures. Failure is just as easy as success. Kamaswami sees business as a serious job, not some half wit job or hobby. Siddhartha on the other hand, sees business quite differently. As he works for Kamaswami as a merchant, he doesn’t get emotionally into the business and has a somewhat disrespectful attitude toward the job. Siddhartha even sees it as a game, not caring if he succeeded or failed at his job. Kamaswami view on life is also different from Siddhartha’s. Kamaswami view is a lot like is business, very serious and prescient. Siddhartha’s view of life, he believes, has shown him that people live life in a horrible way as in worrying over little things that have no meaning. “Samsara” Siddhartha’s dreams began to tell him of horrible things that might happen in his life. He has a dream of Kamala and she seems to express great interest in Gotama. Siddhartha

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