Sid And Nancy Speech. Essay

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Sid and Nancy Interview. *The concept of this interview is supposed to be a time of Sid and Nancy’s life, were they were fixed on drugs together, they are supposed to be high in this interview. Dana: Hello Everyone, My name is Dana Pelham, and I’m here with the beautiful, Sid and Nancy, Shall we start the questions? Sid: Yeah, Alright. Nancy: Mhm. Dana: So, What is the Sex Pistols? Nancy: You tell em, Sid. Sid: We are the Sex Pistols, We’re rude. Crude and Naughty anarchy’s, we don’t care what anyone thinks, and everyone loves us. Dana: How did you two meet? Nancy: I was backstage at one of their concerts, I was trying to get with Johnny and Steve, But then I saw Sid. Much more satisfying. Sid: Yeah, I just came offstage from carving letters in my chest, and Nancy was there to “gimmie my fix”. Dana: Where is your career heading? Sid: It’s goin’ good, mate. Nancy: He’s huge, on stage and off stage. –Nancy chuckles- Dana: Where did the name “Sex Pistols” come from? Sid: I don’t know, I didn’t come up with it, I guess the name “Sex Pistols” means we’re sexy pistols, mate. Nancy: I think its cause they have bug guns. –Nancy giggles- Both: -both hear a noise- What was that? Dana: How long has the band been together? Sid: I got in a bit late in the band, but for a couple of months, or so. Nancy: I still hear something… -looks around- Dana: Where do you see the band going? Sid: I see us all dead in 5 years and still being the kings of the world. Nancy: People are going to be talking about us, for a long, long time. Dana: Is the band getting serious? Sid: We’re never serious, you just pick up a chord, go twang, and you got music. Nancy: They don’t need to get serious, everyone loves us. Dana: What about you two? Sid: We’re just as serious as the band, we have our fun, and it’s fun. Nancy: We won’t

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