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Lynne Quarry HM210 week 9 video response 03/04/2015 Sicko This video starts out showing and talking about people who don't have insurance. How they stich themselves up or deciding which finger they wan't sewn back on. Then it says" but this isn't about those people, it's about people with health insurance." Which in my opinion there was nothing said in it that would make it a comedy. Talking about the 18,000 people who die a year because they don't have health insurance and the ones that do go broke, loose their houses and even go bankrupt because of health insurance co-pays. Not to mention the one seventy nine year old man the video showed, having to work at the age of 79 to afford his wife's medicine even though he was on medicaide, and will have to work till he dies. Then the part where the video…show more content…
In the second part of the "Sicko" video it talks about the people who do have coverage, but when their primary care doctor orders tests, to see a specialist, and even surgeries the person gets told no thats not covered. For some it meant death and the person ended up dying a few months to a year later. Some people started hiring attorneys to get the health insurance to pay or they sued the company. Which lead the video to talk about what the health insurance company does to maximize profits by digging deep into peoples health files going back years and years to find one little thing so a policy could be canceled instead of having to pay out money. One guy got fed up with all of the health insurance coverage issues and posted something online and within a short period of time started getting responses. " Americans are wanting health insurance companies to have a conscious." My opinion on that is, we

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