Sicko Movie Essay

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September 16, 2010 “Unhealthy” Essay It is so disturbing after watching the film Sicko to find how a lot of hospitals and health insurance companies treat the patients that cannot afford health insurance. I knew that the healthcare field was a complete mess, but I never would have dreamed that some hospitals would literally dump them on the street with no medical help. Everyday people continue to amaze me, how they value money over everything, including for some, and their own lives. The United States healthcare industry seems to decline more each year, compared to other countries. I have to admit, before watching Michael Moore’s documentary, Sicko; I did not have the slightest clue how terrible the United States healthcare industry was. I must say, after watching this documentary, I consider myself to be very blessed that I or my family has not had to experience this, yet. Through the years, my family has not had any issues getting anything approved through the insurance companies or doctors for surgeries or anything. After watching this documentary, I had a whole completely different view on the United States healthcare. I knew we lived in a day where people do not really seem to care for one another, but I would have never dreamed it would have been that way in the healthcare system. Although watching Michael Moore’s film was heartbreaking, it was very well put together. His film is mainly about the American Health Care system as seen through Michael Moore’s own eyes. In the film, Moore compares the non-universal and for-profit U.S. system with public funded health care systems in Canada, United Kingdom, France and Cuba. Sicko focuses on the 250 million Americans who do not have health insurance and who have become victims of the insurance company’s fraud or being denied any kind of coverage for their medical conditions. In his film, he
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