Sick Around America Essay

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Paul Stevens lived in Huston Texas, he had a normal life working as a manager at a telecommunications company until he was laid off. Being laid off is a large cause of people being uninsured, such is the case of Paul. Upon being laid off Paul was given the choice of continuing his health insurance coverage with the stipulations that he could only remain with said insurance for 18 months and that he would have to pay the entire premium of 750 dollars per month. Asides from 750 dollars being a large sum of money Paul had just been laid off so there was no way he could pay it so he declined the option and so he ended up uninsured, his only hope being to find another job which provided insurance as soon as possible. Paul searched for 6 months for a job and after being unsuccessful he sought out to purchase a private insurance plan on the individual health market, but sadly due to his preexisting diabetes condition he was turned down, not too long after Paul suffered a heart attack, after being saved he only ended up with bills of up to 200 thousand dollars which caused him to sell his home and move to his mother's house. Paul 63 remained uninsured in a sort of gamble, waiting until he turns 65 and can apply for Medicare. The case of Matt Johnson is one of fallen dreams, at 23 in the first month of his last semester in college he began feeling sick and loosing a large amount of weight. Matt was diagnosed with severe ulcer colitis requiring much expensive medication, around the time Matt graduated he turned 24, and at 24 he was no longer covered by his parents health insurance. without insurance Matt's medication was about 1000 dollars a month an amount he could not afford which forced Matt to seek out a job at a local Menards because they offered insurance which put his medication at a very affordable 200 dollars a month. sadly putting a damper on his acquisition of a

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