Sibling vs Only Child

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Sibling VS. Only Child In a sibling and only child relationships they each differ through the fact that each may learn a different set of morals. My main questions that I will bring up in this pros and cons of having siblings and being an only child is the benefits in areas of emotional and social development compared to that of an only child and what social benefits are gained from sibling relationship. In an only child life, his/her emotional factors would play off as more independent, an only child would grow up a bit more spoiled with gifts and miscellaneous items, “Financial benefits, Leadership Benefits, Self-sufficient, No Sibling Relatives.” (Joy of Parenting) such as these things would be a Benefit of being an only child. Children who are born as an only child are both first born and last born so they tend to be more “academically orientated, ambitious, conscientious, conforming, and more respectful to their parents.” (Joy of parenting) Emotionally and Socially the only child would have a hard time making friends and would be labeled as a loner, Most other kids would consider the only child a spoiled brat because of the fact that they received more because there wasn’t a sibling to share with and for that there success rate is a lot higher so other kids would be jealous of the child and have a much more hard time socially. The social benefits of a sibling relationship can help each of the child because it builds rivalry at a very young age which leads them to try harder than the other which isn’t such a bad thing, they’ll also be able to be described as teammates “Siblings define each other and teach each other conflict resolution, which is a skill people bring to their workplaces, marriages and other relationships.” (ABC) and “Learn from One Another’s Mistakes first born children are typically more academically inclined and act as the teacher or the
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