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Analysis of 3 text’s concerning Sibling rivalry. (A) Sibling rivalry. Summary “When the Bully Is a Sibling” The article “When the Bully Is a Sibling” written by Anahad O’Connor, published in “The New York Times” in June 2013 concerns the issues followed by sibling rivalry. She focus on the way adults and specially parents handle these situations. According to Dr. Tucker, an associate professor of family studies, and John V. Caffaro, a clinical psychologist and author of “Sibling abuse trauma” both agree with the fact of peer aggression and violence among siblings need a lot of attention. These days you find sibling violence way to common because many parents lack to acknowledge it as a problem, but instead see it as simple hullabaloo. As Caffaro has experienced, the problem with most clients to “erode their sense of identity”. Outline. The positive and negative aspects of sibling rivalry is hard to determine, but according to Joanna Briscoe there seem to be a slightly negative effect of having a sibling. She has experienced to have a little brother herself when she grew up, but since his birth she got full of rage and jealousy, because of this new baby stealing all of the attention. As she mentions “he was literally the blue eyed boy[…] the prince to the civillian”. Psychotherapist Phillip Hodson says “Siblings fight because one has displaced another”. Meaning that on the positive side, there will be pressure among them to succeed in order to get some attention which leads to some that might aspire to higher things. On the other hand this might put so much pressure on them that some will get depressed and get a lower self esteem if one suddenly fails. So if siblings didn’t had to aim for mommy’s love, they might be able to get along better. However, Rosemary Bennett in the article “Sibling rivalry leads to succes and popularity in later life” is way more

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