Sia Pestle and Swot Essay

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Pestel and Five Forces analysis of Singapore Airline essay.php Singapore Airlines is the national carrier of Singapore, which has an international presence, but a focus on the Asian and Australasian markets. Founded in 1972, the Airline has grown and consolidated its position over the last forty years to become one of the world’s largest and most successful airlines, with an expansive and relatively young fleet of planes (Singapore Airlines, 2014). According to its published mission statement, "Singapore Airlines is a global company dedicated to providing air transportation services of the highest quality and to maximising returns for the benefit of its shareholders and employees." (Singapore airlines, 2014). But just how well placed is the company to achieving its objectives? The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the business environment, the resources held by the company and the threats and opportunities facing it in the globalised marketplace. The tools used to undertake these analyses are a SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis and Porter’s Five Forces analysis. SWOT analysis A SWOT framework is used to evaluate the internal and external forces affecting the company. Strengths A major strength of the company is its size, brand image, and positioning strategy. In 2010, the airline was named by the International Transport Association (ITA) as the second largest in the world in terms of market value (Heracleous and Wirtz, 2012). Famously, and in an achievement unmatched by any other sector counterpart, Singapore Airlines has reported a profit for every year since it was established in 1972 (Heracleous and Wirtz, 2014). In 2013, the company reported an annual profit of 378.9 million Singaporean dollars (equivalent to just over £186 million GBP) (Singapore Airlines,

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