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Shyness Essay

  • Submitted by: nastyabishkek
  • on October 1, 2008
  • Category: Psychology
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    Shyness is peculiar to a lot of people in the world. You can also define shyness as “timidity”

or ”timorousness”, a feeling of fear of embarrassment, of the unknown or unfamiliar, or dread of

making decisions sometimes. Shyness can mean feeling uncomfortable, nervous, bashful, timid

or insecure. We can divide people with such trait into some groups, like:

1.a little bit shy;

2.shy in some situations;

3.shy every second of his (her) life.
      First, is simply a normal shyness. It is inherent almost to everyone.   For example, when some

terrible guys are laughing at you for some reasons or when your close friend is telling some other

people something that was just like a secret for you. But as a reason such people don’t care of

what others would think of them or simply they forget about their shyness after the first minute.

And it’s very good because if you will get caught in an endless loop you won’t acheive any of

your goals.

        Next is a shyness which was produced by some situation, like perfomance with a speech in

front of a big public. Also there are a lot of cases when a person is shy, for instance, a first day at

school or meeting someone new, unfamiliar. People are more likely to feel shy because they

don’t know how to act, what will happen, how others will react to their actions. People are more

likely to feel confident when they know what to expect, know exactly what to do or say, or with

close people.
      And just a slight quantity of our population is very shy. When someone can’t answer while

unfamiliar person talks to him is not OK. It can become a real disaster when you feel like a

stupid while you are just shy. You should apply for a psychiatrist’s help and try to solve all

your problems with him. Maybe a person had a scarce of his parent’s attention or maybe his...

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