Shunt Motor Essay

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EXPERIMENT NO. 9 AIM: To Study the speed control of D.C. Shunt motor by- i) Field control method. ii) Armature control Method. APPARATUS USED: |Sl. No. |Equipment |Type |Specification |Quantity | |1. | DC Shunt motor |DC |5-HP, 1500 rpm, 16.7 amp, 220 V |1 | |2. |Tachometer |Digital |(0-10000) r. p. m. |1 | |3. |Voltmeter |MC |(0-300) volts |1 | |4. |Ammeter |MC |(0-1/2) A(0-5/10) A |1 each | |5. |Rehostat |Single Tube |260Ω, 1.2 A |1 | |6. |Rehostat |Single Tube |(0-2000) rpm |1 | THEORY: DC Motor: A machine that converts DC electrical power into mechanical power is known as DC Motor. It has been seen that a.c. Motors are invariably used in the the industry for the conversion of electrical power into mechanical power, but at the places where wide range of speed and good speed regulation is required such as in ELETRIC TRACTION, DC motor has to be applied. Working Principle: Its working depends upon the basic principle that when a current carrying conductor is placed in the magnetic field, a force is exerted on it and torque develops. Types of DC Motor: On the basis of their field excitation , the DC Motors can be classified as:

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