Shug Avery Essay

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Shug Avery Analysis Shug Avery is an eccentric character in The Color Purple. She grows throughout the story of this book. Shug is constantly searching and finding love. Going from a strong willed woman unwilling to let people come into her life to a loving and caring human being, Shug Avery evolved throughout the story of this book. When Shug is introduced in this story, she thinks she is better than everyone else; she treats Celie almost as though she is her servant. She doesn’t even care that she has intercourse with Mr.____ knowing that Celie is his wife. Shug’s personality is like this because of the glamorous lifestyle she leads as a singer. Towards the middle of the story Shug becomes a lot more understanding. She realizes that Mr._____ has been beating Celie. In a way she loses respect for Mr._____ and it causes a bond between her and Celie. Celie looks up to her almost as a mother figure and in a way Celie and Shug become lovers. Shug softens her heart and lets people in. In the end Shug tries to rekindle her youth by having a fling with a younger man. When she comes back to live with Celie and Nettie, she apologizes to Celie and proclaims that she is in love with her. During the whole book Shug is looking from acceptance from everyone. She attaches herself and falls in love with a lot of people throughout the story. In the end Shug realizes the one that makes her the happiest is
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