Shrimp Sauce

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Shrimp Sauce “Bizarre Food” is a TV show about gross, unique, bizarre regional cuisine from around the world. In that show, Andrew Zimmern, the bald and hilarious guy, travels to many countries, searches for strange kinds of local food, typically shows how the food is procured, where it is served and, usually without hesitation, eats it. He ate fresh meat, snakes, ants, scorpions, maggots…. He came to my country Vietnam and ate snails with fish sauce in that episode of the show. I was amazed by his braveness in taste but I thought our traditional food still had more challenges for him with one of the most popular kinds of sauce. I would consider betting on his surrender if he came to this sauce. We called it “mam tom,” which can be…show more content…
It is well known mostly because of its pungent smell. There is a rumor about how to make a clean break with your girlfriend, who refuses to give up her relationship with you no matter how hard you try to convince her. You just need to eat raw shrimp sauce before you kiss her, then the devastating impression of the kiss will overshadow all the remaining romantic thoughts in her mind. That might be only a joke, but the story about how a friend of me used the aroma of shrimp sauce to get a house was told to be true. In San Jose, at a quiet, airy house near Story road, that forty year old talkative guy had been keeping a covetous eye on the house next door, which belonged to a young American couple and was a nice home that he really wanted to get for his mother. With shrimp sauce, he came up with an evil idea and started to cook beef noodle almost every day on his backyard. One kind of Vietnamese beef noodle has the honor to be one of the best ten dishes in the world. It is “pho” and it is called beef noodle in English. The beef noodle that my friend cooked was nowhere near the pho that a lot of Americans can enjoy. It was bun bo Hue which was a very spicy kind noodle that we were also very proud of but cannot introduce much to the world because it had much of shrimp sauce in it. When you put shrimp sauce into the pot of boiling broth, the vaporizing steam brings out the smell of the sauce so strongly and fiercely that when you invite friends for home cooked bun bo Hue, you don’t have to give them the address, just tell them the street name and they will find your house correctly. My foxy friend put a very generous amount of shrimp sauce into his cunning plan and his poor next door neighbor raised up a sign of home for sale in no longer than a few month
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