Shrimp Farming Essay

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Critical Analysis of a Claim: Shrimp Farming In An Appetite for Destruction, Dr. Mike Shanahan takes a look at the new found demand for shrimp throughout the world and the effect that this demand is having on global communities. Shanahan is arguing that shrimp farming, while it may conjure idyllic images to many, is actually a very devastating practice that has led to many deaths, violent protests and the destruction of communities economically and ecologically. The short article by Shanahan flows logically, providing readers with solid evidence to back claims with little wiggle room to claim bias. Shanahan’s bias as an environmental activist. It is often said that you find what you are looking for and facts can be presented to support almost any conclusion. While the author presents a solid argument, the facts look solely at the destruction and negative impact of shrimp farming. There are no counter-arguments presented and no effort given to see the other side in a positive light. As an environmental activist he is obviously concerned about the effect of industry on the environment and may not be able to see the other side of the argument clearly. As well as being an environmental activist, the author is a human rights activist. He complains about the treatment of the workers in the farms. All humans deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, but perhaps the jobs being offered by the shrimp farm are beneficial and essential to the livelihood of those who before may have not had jobs at all. In addition, the author is a scholar, with a doctorate in tropical ecology. With a doctorate in tropical ecology, the author must have a passion for and a great interest in the topic. He concludes the piece with a passionate quote by the late Shri Banke Behary Das, an Indian environmental campaigner by saying, “I say to those who eat shrimp−and only

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