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SHREK ESSAY DOES SHREK CHANGE THROUGH THE FILM? Shrek is A big scary looking ogre who wants to be left alone to live his life in an isolated swamp. An ogre is a horrible looking green monster in fairy tales that is said to eat human beings and everyone else. Shrek is directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicki Jenson. This essay will discuss how Shrek changes through out the film. One day Shrek meets Donkey, a fast-talking and funny animal, and soon after, Shrek’s isolated life is turned into chaos when hundreds of fairy tale beings invade his swamp. Donkey explains to Shrek that Lord Farquaad, of the distant land of DuLoc, probably forced the creatures on to his land, and thus Shrek and Donkey head off for Farquaad’s castle to try and get back his life of peace and quiet. Donkey had such a huge impact on Shrek because he made Shrek grow and develop as a person. After arriving at Farquaad’s castle, Shrek agrees to try and rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona from the castle where she is living, trapped by a fire-breathing dragon and in return he will get his swamp back. Soon after, Shrek and Donkey head off to rescue Fiona. They were able to free her from the dragon. Fiona Changed Shrek in a positive way because she knew what it was like to be an ogre herself and was cursed to live as one. Shrek fell in love with Fiona and this had significant influence over him. Lord Farquaad, A very short and mean-spirited prince who is the leader of the land of DuLoc. Lord Farquaad and the fairy tale creatures had a significant impact on Shrek. The fairy tale creatures fled Lord Farquaad and ended up at Shrek’s swamp. Shrek would have never met Donkey and he would have never met Fiona if it were not for Lord Farquaad. There were many characters that had an influence on Shrek. In conclusion, Shrek changes throughout the film.
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