Show Leadership in the Workplace

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BSBMGT401A – Show leadership in the workplace Assignment 1 You are required to respond to all of the following questions and scenarios, and submit this assessment to your teacher or assessor upon completion 1 Identify four (4) sources of information in an organisation that may inform employees what performance and behaviour is expected of them I Code of Conduct Ii Discrimination & Harassment policy Iii Alcohol & drug policy Iv OHS policy 2 Respond to the following scenario: Scenario: You have recently commenced employment in an organisation that does not have a Code of Conduct. You have been asked to develop a Code of Conduct for your new employer a Name four (4) aspects of employee performance and behaviour you would address 1. Behaviour is professional & lawful at all times 2. Demonstrate integrity & honesty 3. Discrimination & Ethics 4. Appropriate clean & tidy attire, eg Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) b Explain the concept of contingency plans in regard to leadership To examine the interaction effect of leadership and follower characteristics on follower self-leadership. A contingency plan is a plan created for an exceptional risk that could have catastrophic consequences. The plan describes various specific measures that will be taken if the opportunity or threat occurs. These actions are carried out at the time of risk occurrence. So, these options should be time bound. c List the steps you may follow in developing a performance plan in your organisation Identify the desired performance levels, Identify how these performance levels will be achieved, provide guidance and direction, measure progress towards desired performance levels, specify goals for development, performance measures, actions required to achieve goals and an indication of time needed to achieve goals. d What are the

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