Show Leadership in the Work Place

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Assessment Task Part One: Assessment Question and Activities 1. A) Describe at least three ways in which a team leader can act as a role model for his team. Being tidy and organized, Have enthusiasm for the job and always be punctual. B) Describe the ways in which you act as a role model for your team, in what ways could you improve. Showing consistency in following the all company policies from behavior and dress to holidays, illness and health and safety. Being competent in my job by learning as much about the company process I can and to share what I’ve learnt and always look for ways to update my skills. I can improve by being more punctual I expect the staff to arrive on time and be ready to work so I need to be early too. Being on hand before the staff so that should any problems arise I can deal with them. 2. 3 copies of the form Appendix A 3. List at least five performance indicators with which your performance is measured within your job. How could they be improved? Being a new and small company I could only think of a few. Production the amount of product we coat in a day. Downtime when machines are not operating, money isn’t being made. Staff efficiency amount of time or cycle time, for the completion of a task. How could they be improved? Production should be a set target amount, rate and quality, it should incorporate a reject ratio to give a more accurate total of performance targets. Downtime should calculate in schedule maintenance as well, not just break downs. Operators need to document a reason for break downs so that the most common reasons can be reviewed at a later time. Staff efficiency needs to have a value system the more they know and the long they work for the company the higher there value is. This will help motivate employees to learn more skills / information on specific tasks which will generate a more multi
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