Show how metaphor and metonym are applied in visual work of your choice.

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Metaphors and metonyms are used in advertisements as creative strategies to assist in selling / promoting a product service or idea, throughout this essay I will be analysing how and why metaphors and metonyms are used in designer’s work. I will use examples of advertisements, in order to back up my argument. Firstly I am going to understand the terms metaphor and metonym. According to Cambridge University Press (2006), a metaphor is ‘‘an expression which describes a person or object in a literary way by referring to something that is considered to possess similar characteristics to the person or object you are trying to describe’’. Therefore a metaphor is anything that describes one thing, in terms of another. Cambridge University Press (2006) state that a metonymy is ‘‘when something is referred to by a word which describes a quality or feature of that thing’’ This means that a metonymy is a small part of something that stands for a whole. Originally metaphors were usually associated with just language, rather than the visual form, but it is the visual metaphor that is most significant ‘‘metaphor is primarily a matter of though and action, and only derivatively a matter of language’’ (Forceville 1996:1) but over the last 10 years, the use of metaphors as a form of visual persuasion has increased dramatically, ‘’the past few decades have witnessed an avalanche of publications on metaphor’’ (Forceville 1996:1). Metaphors and metonyms work well in advertising because the viewer involuntarily knows what the advert wants to do, to make people buy the product, service or idea. Consequently, the advert outlines our prospects about what message the advert wants to get across. A statement from Charles Forceville helps back up this notion: ‘’the very fact that we know what we see is an advertisement, and not a work of art, for instance, or a Childs drawing,

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