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“Singing from the soul”: Show Choir Have you ever felt like you wanted to belong in a certain group? Although you couldn’t understand their language, you still longed to be a member? In response, many people join a discourse community, which is a group of people who share knowledge of a particular topic, similar backgrounds and experiences, values, and common ways of communicating. To be accepted into a community, one must learn the ways in which the people in that specific community communicate and argue. For years, I was a member of school choir, but I aspired to be more than just a choral singer. So, I entered the discourse community of high school show choir by acquiring knowledge, establishing a sense of credibility, and learning to appeal to other member’s emotions. In mastering ethos, logos, and pathos appeals I successfully joined a discourse community. Like all other communities, members must share common knowledge and skills and be able to communicate these skills in a particular manner. So although I was already a credible school choir singer, I had to prove to my director and the upperclassmen that I belonged alongside the advanced performers. For example, the “pyramid of sound” is one of the most important topics. The base of the pyramid consists of basses and altos, the middle level are soprano IIs, tenor IIs, and baritones, and the tip being the soprano Is and tenor Is. As an alto, I was constantly instructed to “listen up” to all the other parts in order to match pitch. I also knew to listen to my section and make sure we were constantly in unison, or the same. I developed these skills through practice, as my voice, ears, and mind grew more accustomed to working together to create a complete sound. As I developed these skills on my own, I often relied on lessons and conversations with my choir members and director to also help train my ear. I
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