Shouldice Case Study

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5-686-120 R E V: M A Y 20, 2003 TEAC HI NG N O TE Shouldice Hospital Limited Synopsis of Case The co-owner and son of the founder of Shouldice Hospital is considering several alternatives for the possible expansion of the hospital’s capacity in the face of increasing demand for the hospital’s service, a unique approach to the performance of hernia operations in which it specializes. Alternatives include the addition of another floor to the hospital, the initiation of a Saturday operating schedule, or the opening of another hospital on another site. Doctors and staff members fear that any kind of expansion at the current site may adversely affect the hospital’s operation. The chief surgeon, who is nearing retirement, is most strongly opposed to the possible expansion. Teaching Objectives This case has been used as a final exam in a course concerning the management of service operations. It is appropriate for use early in a production and operations management course juxtaposed to a manufacturing-oriented case involving an improperly focused facility, at the outset of a section on capability planning in such a course, or as a case to introduce or summarize a course in the management of service operations. And it can be used in a services marketing course addressing issues of market segmentation, positioning, and promotion. Among other things, the case 1. Provides an illustration of an ingeniously designed operating concept and service delivery system that produces good results for customers, is a good place to work for employees, and makes large profits for the owners. 2. Illustrates the benefits that can accrue from specialization in providing a service aimed at a relatively narrow market segment and produced in a highly focused facility. 3. Raises questions concerning the planning of capacity at various

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