Should You Ever Tell a Lie

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Should You Ever Tell A Lie? Today, at our second Philosophy Day, we had a simple, yet extremely had question: Should you ever tell a lie? But we discussed much more than that one question. We discussed types of lying, like cheating, plagiarism, deception, and impersonation. My circle of philosophers got really into the argument involving lying. I was listening to the first circle of “philosophers” argue, and was very interested to what their arguments were. Neepun Gupta was on the side that lying is utterly wrong, and basically everyone was arguing to him, but was on his side. Sometimes, though, there would be a counter-arguer, like Tejas Sriram, who would say very agreeable information and statements. In the intermission between groups, Ms. Barlow introduced us to Mr. Kent; a dead philosopher who thought that lying was against our very being. He basically said that lying should be ended completely, cause it corrupted our soul. Then came my group, the second circle of “philosophers”. Magie Pires said, “Even though people lie, everyone makes mistakes.” I then asked Magie, “How is lying a mistake? Yesterday Ms. Barlow explained the definition of lying to us, and it is when you do something wrong and you know it is wrong. If it was a mistake, it really wasn’t a lie.” Another argument presented for the positive side of lying was when I pointed out that “Even though we are logical beings and know lying is wrong, we are still emotional beings, as Ms. Barlow pointed out, and will continue to lie after this classroom discussion.” I still have a question unresolved. I thought that if girls are so into this discussion about lying, and are on the side that lying is completely wrong, why do they wear makeup? I never got to present my question, because the timer for our discussion went off and we had to stop. I will be ready next time,

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