Should You Accept Things The Way That They Are? Essay

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People should learn to accept who they are and what they have. Happiness and self-fulfillment do not come from always striving for what you don't have. Rather, contentment comes from being happy with who you are and by making the most of what you have. By understanding this you will come to realize that less is more. One example of choosing acceptance over always striving can be seen in my own life. My mother and father both work but there are seven children to feed and care for. Because of this, there is very little disposable income in my family. This lack of money means that I can't afford to buy the expensive toys and electronic gadgetry that almost all of my friends have. But instead of coveting their state-of-the-art cell phones and video games, I have learned the positive value of free entertainment, such as a book from the public library. I am confident that in the long run, my reading will have been more advantageous – and cheaper - than their video game playing. A great example of an historical figure who wasn't always trying to have “more” in his life was the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Mies was one of the fathers of modern architecture and a strong supporter of minimalism in building. He sought to come up with a style of architecture that would represent the age in which he was living just as the Classical style of building represented an age long gone. By getting rid of all that was ornamental and superficial he pioneered a new path to beauty and to modern living. Through the two examples given above, I have attempted to show that always striving for what you haven't got is not the path to happiness or the path to bettering one's self. I do not think that improvement is to be found in the process of acquisition but rather in the denying of this

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