Should Wealthy Nations Share Their Wealth with Poorer Nations? Essay

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Essay: By Caitlin Crowder English 9.8 Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer nations to help provide them with education, food and shelter? Or is it the government of the nation’s responsibility to provide well for their citizens? Some of my main ideas I will be talking about in the following statements are firstly, wealthy nations have their own problems to deal with, secondly when money is given to the pleading nations it doesn’t get used for the correct purposes and thirdly some poorer countries are home to well providing mine, So where does the money go? Australia is one of the luckiest countries as we have a good supply of drinkable water and we have at the moment a good employment rate. I am not for handing over hard earned cash! So we as a wealthy nation or country have problems of our own, being that money we produce should go towards our nation not someone else’s. A problem we are working on is “Charity Begins At Home”; this simply means be generous to your family before strangers. Many people feel sorry for poorer nations but simply believe their nation should come first, which it should! Another problem is we are not able to provide well for our younger generation that is booming. We need to save money for the younger generations that keep on growing, to provide well for them and give them the best life we can- But do we? Each generation has had to deal with their own problems – meaning unemployment, health care, and governments changing ECT. Where does the money we give go? Some governments are corrupt that’s the way it is, but this is where the citizens of those corrupt nations don’t get the respect and results they should from their governments. These nations lack in job opportunities, health and care, DRINKABLE water, food and education and housing. The money given is not being used to its full potential.

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