Should We Withdraw From Australia Persuasive Speech

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Good morning brothers and sisters, my name is Aisha. I am originally from Afghanistan and sought refuge in Australia recently. Thank you Australia! For accepting me in to your great land, mind you this is a heaven that refugees like myself could only dream of back in Kabul. Putting aside all my appreciation, today I am here to put in my point of view on whether Australia should withdraw from Afghanistan. It all started back in 2001, when the twin tower attack in America agitated the world. On October 2007, the United States and the Great Britain launched air assaults against Taliban followed by ground invasion. The war was led to degrade and destroy Al Qaeda organization. This initiated Afghanistan’s third major war in the last 32 years. Since then, lives of the average afghan have been threatened by the US forces and its allies. Australia being one of the allies had landed in my country for “Operation Enduring Freedom”. The effectiveness of the operation has been questionable right from the very start. I am speaking with experience of hardship and tyranny, like most others in Afghanistan. Australia’s…show more content…
It is believed that US’s main plan is to take control of the oil and other million dollar worth metals inn Afghanistan. These metals include gold and silver along with rare metals such as platinum and rhodium. This may not be true but there are too many reasons behind this belief. For example: invasion of Mali, the third most gold producing country in Africa, was purely based on the gold craving, also Iraq, for the valuable oil. Afghanistan is also in the perfect location for many of America’s plans. Now, I am sure there are plenty of reasons for the stay in Afghanistan. BUT are they reasonable? As we learn from previous invasions and wars of US, their intentions are not what they seem. So this brings us back to the clear answer, Australia should withdraw from
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