Should We Spend Time in the Sun Essay

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Should we spend time in the sun? Intro: The sun plays a huge role in our everyday lives; Trees, plants, warmth, vitamin D production and many more. But are we abusing it and causing ourselves and our planet harm? I aim to present a series of evidence and reasons explaining the dark side of our sun, and how it can cause a lot more than a sun burn. Advantages: There are many advantages of spending time in the sun, and one of the main and most known one is that sunlight helps our bodies produce vitamin D which plays a useful role in helping to prevent breast cancer in females. The way this works is that an enzyme called calcitriol inside the breast tissue that helps fight cancer. Also the social effects are that people are prompted to go ‘out’ more and socialise thus creating a positive impact on society and people generally, also because the sun helps to release endorphins (the ‘feel good’ enzyme) in humans, it keeps people happy and out of trouble, hence decreasing the rate of crime. Disadvantages: The disadvantages of spending time in the sun are that if you spend too long you could be at risk of developing cancer, the most common form of which is Basal cell carcinoma and occurs when the skin cells are exposed to high level of sunlight radiation and this excessive sunlight damages the skins DNA, which is called thymine dimmers. The damaged DNA multiplies and mutations occur, and this, combined with the immune suppression (that happens naturally from sunlight) allows tumour cells to form and eventually take over certain areas of the skin, hence forth causing cancer; This also plays a part socially because it will of course upset someone if they had a relative or friend dying from cancer because of the sun, and naturally being upset leads to frustration and aggressiveness, which in some people may result in causing harm to others and wrecking general havoc in

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