Should We Embrace Nationalism

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Should we embrace Nationalism? Nationalism refers to people's sense of belonging and loyalty towards nation.For some people nationalism may refer as culture,identity, belief and ideas.It also rises from people’s history which share similar language, traditions and culture.nationalism may also develop as people fight to gain a unique identity . It creates a connection between a group of people with different beliefs ,ideas and traditions.Nationalism should be embraced to some extent because it has good and bad reasons. Effects of nationalism are good when it gives people pride and cultural heritage.It sometimes also creates satisfaction in people to do sacrifices for their nation.Its fine when people do something for their nation and people.Nationalism makes people proud of their country and inspires them to work hard, like in China people have more self-respect for their country that they want it to become economically stronger and get away from the feeling that they are a second rate country. Sometimes nationalism is not good because it gives tension among nations, when some nationalist desire something,like in 1990’s due to nationalism many states broke up in eastern Europe including Yugoslavia and soviet union.Feelings of nationalism at times have led to causes like genocide,for eg. at the time of holocaust millions of people were killed leaving many people separating from their families.Even back in the World Wars many lives were lost due to nationalism where no one gained anything except for deaths because it makes people think that their country is superior to others and influences them towards conflict with other countries.In Rwanda genocide, Hutu killed thousands of Tutsi just due to race and benefiting their nation. We should embrace nationalism to some extent where its for expansion, economic growth, national security and if its good for a
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