Should We All Be Vegetarians Essay

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“Should We All Be Vegetarians” Feedback Time Magazines, “ Should We All Be Vegetarians?” by Richard Corliss was published July 15,2002. The main reasons for becoming a vegetarian according to this article would be, vegetarians can be just healthy as meat eaters and being a vegetarian is more environmentally conscious. He explains in this article that more people are looking at food as the enemy these days. They are looking for something to take the fall for their health and the state of the world climate. Corliss not only opens up this article very well but he explains what he is talking about very into depth where the reader can get a clear understanding of how to relate to what he is talking about. He’s basically arguing both sides of the two different perspectives. Actually he is arguing three. A vegetarian’s side, a carnivore’s side, and a person in between both that would be interested in either one and/or an individual that eats both vegetables and meat like most of the world does, or at least Americans. The thesis is clear to the readers when reading this article, and it is quite obvious to where Corliss was getting in the text. Some of the challenges he explains include calories. He states it is harder to get a mass amount of calories from vegetables while eating smaller portions and also the correct amount of vitamins. It is easy to over do it on some essential vitamins while not getting enough of others. A big challenge for some people would be taste. There are a lot of people out there that like the taste of meat and eat it multiple times a day, so changing their eating habits would be very hard. However, a lot of Richard Corliss’s main ideas were facts. Even though he stated a lot of facts he summarized each idea into his own words to where any of the readers could think about each statement and have an opinion on it. In the

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