Should University Education Be Free Essay

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Duong Thu Cuc L9914892 University education is the third level of education program, which is not compulsory like primary education and high education in many countries. As a result of economic crisis, many children in the world do not have enough money to pay for university fees and have to stop studying after finishing high schools. Thus, some people think that university education should be free for citizens and paid for by the government. However, some people do not agree with this opinions. They think tuition fee is not the government's responsibility. This essay will look at some reasons why tuition fees should not be free for citizens. The first significant reason why university education should not be free for citizens is a rise in unemployment rate. To explain more clearly, as a result of free university education, the number of people who graduate from universities will definitely increase. The problem is all of them want intellectual and well-paid jobs, no one want to become manual workers. However, because there are many people with good certificates, employer's requirement is very high and therefore, the competition to get a job is fiercer. Consequently, very few people can find jobs which respond to their aspirations and the rest of them must find ways to eat and sleep when they wait for their opportunities. As a result, this will lead to an increase in employment rate. For example, according to United States Department Of Labor, from January 2008 to January 2009, there was a sharp rise in unemployment rate, from approximately 4.8% to 7.6%. Secondly, a rise in tax is another major reason why university education should not be free. If university education is 100% free, the government will not have enough fund to pay for all people. As a result, they have to increase tax to pay for facility cost and teachers' salaries. However, there are
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