Should There Be End To The Lottery

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Should there be end to the “Lotto”? Throughout North America, the lottery is played in many states. “Gambling” is something you hear about in cities such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but it’s often participated in every area for different reasons like sports games. In some way, somebody out there is making money off of lottery and gambling, and through that becomes and addiction that many people can’t seem to stop. Addiction to gambling and the lottery can be a negative in people’s lives. The lottery and all other aspects of gambling should be illegal in every state, because it can cause internal heartache in someone’s life, losing family and friends, losing money, or losing any possessions meaningful to them. Once people turn to excessive gambling, they tend to lose sight of the more important…show more content…
Also, gambling can become a strong addiction that becomes a habit like smoking. When you become an excessive gambler, you are choosing to place their own money against someone else’s odds, if you happen to be a “lucky” person, you will win the all the money back for yourself. Most of the time, you’re not that lucky person, and in order to get that money back, you becoming willing to place more money on the line, hoping for you to at least break even. By doing so you can lose everything else you had to live for. According to Nicholas Ponte, who wrote an article in 2007 titled “Why gambling should stay illegal”. He mentioned a woman named Janet, who was an average wife and mother. She has been married to her husband Rob for 32 years and also has two children, David and Becka. Although Janet seemed average she had a secret addiction, and gambling was her drug. Unlike real

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