Should the World Embrace Utilitarianism

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What should people base their decision making on? Utilitarianism beliefs say that people should do what produces the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. One of the most well-known activists of utilitarianism is Peter Singer. Peter singer believes that people should only keep what they need and give any excess to the people that need it. Should the richest countries of the world be obliged to give to the poorest countries in the world? According to utilitarianism, every country should give as much as possible without having harmful affects to their countries population. Garret Hardin Does not think utilitarianism can ever work. He discredits numerous points of Singer’s. Peter Singer and Garret Hardin have conflicting views and they are both absolute in their beliefs. Utilitarianism may be practical in some situations but there are times that it is not. Garret Hardin is one of the people that think utilitarianism can never work. In Tragedy of the Commons, he says that it is not possible for things to be shared by everybody and not break or be overused and polluted. Hardin says that the population growth is a major problem of utilitarianism that has not been answered by anybody. Pollution rates would go up, and we would be “locked in a system of fouling our own nest” according to Hardin. If everything was shared by everybody Hardin says that it is inevitable that everything would be trashed because that is what people do best. It is not just because people like to litter but more because things would be overused he says. He says the population will always grow but our resources are limited. With a growing population things will inevitably be overused and polluted by the sheer number of people that share this “common” property. He also says that utilitarianism should not be applied in the government. The People who make the money should be the ones that

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