Should the Us and Afghanistan Remain Allies Essay

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Should the Us And Afghanistan Remain Allies Should the Us And Afghanistan Remain Allies The arguments of whether the United States and Afghanistan remain allies or not. I personally think that the United States should remain allies with Afghanistan because it will help to retain peace in the nation. The number of terrorist acts in the entire world had increased in the past few years because of the terrorist originating from Afghanistan. Most of the world terrorist events that happened in the entire world originated from the Arabian nations (Riedel et al, 2010). The attacks were majorly focused on the United States of America who killed numerous American citizens. For the key purpose of reducing the amount of deaths in the entire world caused by terrorist, the united States were forced to send troops to Afghanistan. The levels of terrorisms in the entire world had increased because of the terrorism groups in the Afghanistan. The terrorism groups and al-Qaeda based in Afghanistan are the main group of people behind the killings in the world. Since Americans are considered as the super powers, there is need to protect the world from the terrorist’s attacks. The war between the Afghanistan started in the year 2011 on 7th October as the United States Army launched a new war to capsize the levels of terrorism (Atkinson & Chiozza, 2011). The United States in combination with other nations decided to invade Afghanistan for the key purpose of eradicating the levels of criminal killings. The number of the criminal wars increased in the entire world because of the terrorists groups found in Afghanistan. Leaders such as Ahmed Massaoud Sham mislead the Afghanistan citizens into participation of wars. According to the local citizens in Afghanistan, the leaders taught the people that they would go to heaven if they participated in

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