Should the Owners of the Titanic Have Paid Compensation to All Passengers/ or Their Families?

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Should the owners of the Titanic have paid compensation to all passengers/ or their families? RMS Titanic run by the Olympic Class Ocean Liner, Construction began on 16th December 1908 and finished soon after 31st March 1909. The ship was the industrial marvels of their age and Titanic was said to be the biggest, fastest and most luxurious ship yet during the time. The Ship was ready to be set from Southampton to New York in search for a better life in the United States. How Come a Magnificent Ship was able to sink? At 11.40pm the Titanic was hit by an iceberg and flooding came with the hour. The Titanic was designed to stay afloat with only four compartments flooded. Less than three hours the Titanic lay at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic was carrying 2,223 passengers on board when sank and out of those 1,517 died and 706 survivors. The Classes The Guests were split into first, second, and third class and the higher class had an advantage when it came to boarding lifeboats were being deployed. There was a locked gate that separated second and third class sections which cause deaths of many third class individuals. In the result of the factors, Most of the Titanic survivors were women, children, or members of the higher class within the Titanic. 130 first class passengers died, 166 second class passengers died and 536 third class passengers died. The highest casualty rate was men. Apparently there was a strict rule about women and children first when it came to boarding the lifeboats. How so Bruce Ismay (Olympic Class Ocean Liner Owner) and Thomas Andrews (Ship Designer) should be blamed for this and was also involved in the sinking of the titanic because they should insure safety measure for all of the classes and to insure that it regulates the British legislation laws, which they did not insure passengers safety of all different class.

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