Should The Death Penalty Be Outlawed In The United States?

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Ever since the beginning of time, crimes have been committed. While some are worse than others, a form of punishment was still necessary to make the criminals pay for their mistake. Everyday we hear reports about someone getting killed for reasons beyond our belief. The most common reasons people lose their lives are: robbery, money, revenge, alcohol and drugs, or simply no reason at all. It is expected that the murderer be sent to jail as payback for taking the victim’s life, but the justifiable punishment would be to sentence them to death just as they took the life of an innocent person. Many years ago, criminals had to accept the consequences for their crimes because their freedom to live with society was taken away due to their actions.…show more content…
Crime is something that will more than likely always be around in society, but there are ways that it can be reduced. If Americans were to become more vigilant and protect our streets and neighborhoods in reporting to police officers, it would assist in catching criminals and murderers in hopes of putting them behind bars. When criminals witness the unity that the American people have for making our country a safer place, maybe they would be less compelled to murder someone knowing that the possibility of them getting incarcerated or facing capital punishment has…show more content…
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