Should Teletmarketing Be Illgeal Essay

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What do students think of community service when in high school? Students now a day’s get the opportunity to do community service to start up their resumes, and give a hand to the community and also get the chance to take internships towards their future degree. To being with, students once in high get the greatest opportunity to do community service for their own community, in addition to start adding bullets to their resumes once in high school. Take me for example , once I was in high school as a freshmen my only main concern was to start my community service to blind up my resume , and also to get the chance to make new friends ; and to meet more people that I hadn’t known yet from my own community. One of the main chances I got to help my community was to start helping at the local Salvation Army and Red Cross with the people of the twin towers that had lost their loved ones. I traveled for free to the New York go help all of the hurt and loose of the all of the people that had give their time to help their families. I was so lost at words of the scenes I was looking at, but I told to myself “I am doing a good job at helping my own American people and helping myself with my resume as well” I knew I was doing well. Furthermore, students also take the opportunity to help their own community. Take La Joya Senior high school students started each and every year for Christmas would get gifts from all of the teachers and also the student body who would want to help with gifts. When I was in high school I would like to give a hand each and every year from freshmen all the way before I graduated would help gift warping and moving gifts from the classrooms to the school buses. I myself once I also dressed up as Santa Clause to give the all of the homeless families with gifts and a helping hand and a big smile on their face. I was so happy for giving a helping hand

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