Should Teachers Allow Students to Use Cellphone During Class

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JINGREN PAN EN 100 – 24 Dr. Watson 11/15/12 Should Teachers Allow Students to Use Cellphones during Class? Nearly every college student now has a cellphone, and I do, too. You can see them texting, talking on the phone, surfing the Internet all the time; you can even see some college students never let their cellphone out of their hands. And this brings up a problem: should teachers allow students to use their cellphone during class? I know a lot of teachers don’t allow their students use cellphones in class, because they think that cellphones can be very distractive. Using a cellphone during class is disrespectful to teachers; students might use cellphones to cheat on a quiz or test, and all kinds of other reasons. But personally, I think teachers should allow their students to use cellphone during class. There are good reasons for not allowing students to use cellphones in the classroom, but there are also many good reasons for letting students use cellphone in class, like helping students with their schoolwork, avoiding missing important information, letting students know how to let cellphone help with their professions, letting students be taught which are the responsible ways of using technology, and many reasons besides. The benefits of cellphone use outweigh than negatives. Cellphones can help students do better on their schoolwork. There are huge amount of students are using smartphones now, and besides listening to music and playing games, smartphones can do various of things. For me, English is not my primary language, I always met words I didn’t know when I was reading materials in class, and if I got my cellphone, I could instantly use the dictionary on my cellphone to check out what those words mean. And some classes are hard for me, I can use my cellphone as a recorder to record the lectures for after class studies after I get the

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