Should Students Wear Uniforms Essay

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Should Students wear Uniforms in School? Sherry English/215 April 19, 2014 Should Students wear Uniforms in School? Introduction The concept of uniforms can be seen everywhere in the world. People wear uniforms for different reasons. Some wear it for the sake of going to a reunion or some use it to go for work and most common use of the uniform can be seen in social institutions like schools. Uniforms can be seen in schools all over the world whether, it’s concerned with any of the culture, state or nation. When the word uniform will be said, people think about some tuxedos, suit, or something that grownups would use. The question arise that why children are expected to wear the uniform in their daily routine when are mostly used to wear it. Some children like to wear it however; some related to certain class do not like it depend on certain variables. Some really hate it. The truth behind this like or dislike views about uniform policy have many reasons behind it. This paper is concerned with the study of perception about need for student’s uniform. The question arises that whether students should wear uniform or not. In this paper we will discuss arguments and views concerning with need for school uniform for children and debate on its positive and negative perspectives in order to persuade the audience towards certain points about the importance of school uniforms for children. Should Children Wear School Uniforms Wearing school uniforms is a norm around the world. Generally the students studying in schools are supposed to wear the uniform to give a standard look and to follow a norm of the region and institution. Students going to school in uniform are generally considered more satisfied and perform well academically. Wearing the same outfit every day release students extra burden about choosing a new or change dress every day. Students
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