Should Students Have Shorter Holidays? Essay

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Some students complain that they have too much vacation but each time they only have less than a month to rest. These students claim that because of the short vacations, they do not have enough time to relax and cannot do well at school. However, in my opinion, I disagree with those students. A long vacation for two or three months will give students a longer period of time to relax. In these months, they tend to go on holidays with their families or friends in the first month, spend the next two week for computer games and then have nothing to do after six weeks without school. Students usually want to play hard after a long, tired academic year and leave all their textbooks on the bookshelves until the next year (for some students, they even keeps books under their beds!). When a new school year starts, they will easily lose their interests in studying after months no study. It takes them quite a long time to adjust to school again. Parents usually hear their children say that they had forgot everything teachers taught them at the beginning of a semester. The reason is that they had lost all their interests (and some of their last year knowledge) in studying during the long vacation. However, a few short vacations during semesters will not take students much time to get used to school work again. They only have enough time to take a break and then continue studying. As a result of having nothing to do with too much free time, students - especially teenagers - tend to spend their time to hang out with friends, gossip, and some of them can commit crime. A short break will not give them this free time: they have to come back to school before they find that they have nothing else to do during their vacation. For young children at primary school, their parents will not have to find a maid to look after them during a long vacation. Usually their children will have

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