Should Smoking In Public Places Be Illegal Essay

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Runaway Teens One out of seven teens will run away between the ages of ten to eighteen at some point in their life. There are millions of runaway homeless teens living on the streets today. Most of these teens are considered voluntarily missing. Although the majority of runaways are voluntary there are also the throwaways, push-outs, abducted, and lost who are considered to be runaways at first glance. Running away is often a repetitive action if done once. The teen will always feel as though if I got away with it before then I can do it again. Teens at the ages of fifteen to seventeen are at the age where they feel as though they are already independent enough to live on their own. This leads the teens to being deviant to their caretakers or becoming involved in illegal activity. Throwaways are teens whose parents have given them approval to leave. This leaves the teen with the impression of hopelessness and feeling as though they have no one to turn to; the chances of that teen returning are lessen by the parent’s action. The teen continues to live life but with many struggles and being hurt by the thought of not being good enough. Push-outs are teens that leave because they are unhappy with their home life. These teens feel as though life would be better on the other side but they leave with a different spectrum of the real world. The main source of runaway teens starts with trouble in the home; some reasons include physical, mental, or sexual abuse. Triggers can be as small as argument to as large as the feeling of negligence or a family member touching the teen inappropriately. This type of behavior typically occurs with blended families such as step-fathers or step mothers; also with foster parents and group homes. At this level it may lead to a child leaving their home for the street life in order to protect themselves

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